Do you represent domestic abuse survivors?

FLOWS is an independent, legal support service, designed to help protect women against domestic abuse, anywhere in England and Wales. Our aim is to help women obtain access to a legal aid provider – or free legal advice if they are not eligible – and ensure each one gets the best possible legal support, at a time when they need it most.

If your practice is an accredited to deliver legal advice in relation to domestic abuse, we hope you will join FLOWS.

What you get from FLOWS

Referrals for your practice

Anyone wanting to access legal aid is offered a choice of legal aid firms from our network of accredited domestic abuse solicitor firms.

In addition, our referral app is being promoted to police forces and other statutory agencies, which may result in more referrals for our partner solicitors.

Award-winning CourtNav online system

At the heart of FLOWS, is an award winning online tool called CourtNav. This system helps survivors apply for non-molestation and/or occupation orders online, with help text and guidance from legal advisers. CourtNav identifies probable legal aid eligibility.

CourtNav saves you time because the applicant has already provided gateway evidence and some details of the abuse, often doing this alongside a frontline adviser who has helped them through the process. This means you have a new client who you don't have to triage, and you can focus on creating a strong application for them.

Resources and training for your practice

Once you join FLOWS, we can make all kinds of resources available to you. We can add each of your offices to our searchable geographic database. Your people can take part in FLOWS training on CourtNav, to help your preparation for court proceedings. We can also provide posters and online promotional resources.

Complementary FLOWS services

Legal advice from the RCJ family team

Solicitors and legal advisers from the Royal Courts of Justice (RCJ) family team provide phone and email consultancy to help domestic abuse survivors understand the legal and practical options open to them.

Searchable map

In addition to helping survivors with individual support, we also provide a searchable map, enabling women to find expert domestic abuse solicitors in their area.

Join the conversation on the FLOWS discussion forum

Rights of Women, our partner in FLOWS, has launched an online Family law discussion forum where you can confidentially offer advice to frontline agencies and women’s organisations about current cases.

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You'll be in good company

FLOWS is a team of solicitors and legal advisers from the RCJ Advice family team, working in partnership with Rights of Women.

Our steering committee includes award-winning family lawyers:

  • Jenny Beck, the former Chair of the Law Society’s Access to Justice Committee
  • Cris McCurley, who co-authored the Ministry of Justice/HMCTS Family Court manual on forced marriage protection orders and safety issues
  • Nick Longford, Co-Chair National Committee of Resolution, Domestic Abuse Committee