In their own words

Sometimes it helps to read other people’s stories. These case studies of domestic abuse highlight some real stories.

Psychological abuse - Marianna's story

I eventually became too afraid to do anything or make any decisions because I knew they’d be wrong, and I would be threatened.
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Physical abuse - Jenny's story

He held me down and shouted at me and when I struggled to get loose, he hit me.
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Sexual abuse - Husna's story

I was not aware that domestic abuse included sexual abuse.
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Financial abuse - Halima's story

I felt worthless and so guilty for letting him into my life in the first place – like it was my fault!
Read Halima's story

Emotional abuse - Jane's story

My partner was very insecure about my past relationships and became jealous of anyone he thought might be ‘a threat’.
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Are you in an abusive relationship?

Women’s Aid have a checklist that can help you identify if you are in an abusive relationship.

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