How can FLOWS help?

If you are experiencing domestic abuse and want legal advice on legal options such as injunctions e.g. non-molestation orders, or divorce, or what happens to your home FLOWS can help you.

How can FLOWS help?

If you are experiencing domestic abuse of any kind, there are lots of ways we can help you to decide what the right option is for you.

Helping you work through the options

Experiencing any form of domestic abuse can have a negative impact on you. It can make you afraid to take action, or shake your confidence. It might even make you wonder if it’s all your fault.

FLOWS can give you the support and guidance you need at this difficult time. We can help you to work out what’s best for you. And then we can guide you through the options, whether that’s advice on what to do next; finding support from a local organisation who understands what you are going through; or connecting with an expert family solicitor to get a protective court order.

  • You can search our FLOWS local services map to connect with an expert who may be able to support you
  • You can call us Monday – Friday on 0203 745 7707 or leave a message out of hours and we’ll help you work out the best option for you
  • You can email us at [email protected]

What can you expect from FLOWS?

Incredible understanding and knowledge from the lady who took my call. She was super helpful and informative.

– FLOWS service user

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