FLOWS Forum is an online community for legal professionals and frontline domestic abuse service professionals to connect and share expertise on law and policy relating to family law.

  • Seek advice on family law issues arising for survivors of domestic abuse
  • Share experiences and get advice on accessing family law legal aid
  • Share good practice and highlight gaps in provision
  • Stay updated on changes to the law
  • Share news and updates on your services.

FLOWS Forum aims to strengthen the understanding of members on family law justice issues that affect survivors of domestic abuse.

By connecting to our online network, members will stay at the forefront of conversations on improving law and policy for survivors.

You must register as a member to take part in the forum. Membership is open to:

  • professionals from charities, not-for-profit and voluntary organisations working with women survivors of domestic abuse;
  • legal professionals who are specialists in representing women survivors of domestic abuse with family law issues;
  • academics with a focus on family law in the context of violence against women.

FLOWS Forum is hosted by Rights of Women. To find out more and to register visit: www.flowsforum.org

FLOWS Forum for Professionals

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