Emotional abuse - Jane's story

My partner was very insecure about my past relationships and became jealous of anyone he thought might be ‘a threat’.

At the beginning, it seemed almost charming – like he wanted to be number in my world… but over time it became more and more frightening.

Whenever I went out, Max would want to know why, where I’d be and exactly who’d be there. If I came home later than I said, he’d accuse me of having an affair. If he’d been drinking he’d call me a ‘f**king whore’ and other stuff. He would shout, swear and square up to me – it started happening multiple times a week.

Next day he was always sorry and “felt so bad - he’d never do it again”.

Over time he stopped me from talking with friends freely, he would throw and break things afterwards if I did. He’d drive the car at high speed with me in it, knowing I hated it and was petrified.

I started to believe that Max’s behaviour was my fault, like he said. My self-esteem was wrecked and I spent most days crying.

In the end it was my GP who helped me take the first step. She also wrote a letter for me, I was able to get legal aid and advice and was able to stand up to Max’s abuse and escape him.