Financial abuse - Halima's story

At the start, I was so happy with Kala - he appeared very genuine and caring. Really charming.

But then, our relationship began to change - he started to tell me that because of my dyspraxia I shouldn’t be in charge of finances. We met at uni, I was a full time student but worked too, where I could. He didn’t - and because he was an international student he said he couldn’t work or access any grants or benefits. But he would frequently take money from me. And made me feel guilty if I refused to buy him stuff - he even asked for designer gifts.

I trusted him, and he used this to get access to all my bank cards and details. It even turned out later he’d taken out a loan in my name.

I started getting really suspicious when letters arrived about repayments that I could not afford. I felt worthless and so guilty for letting him into my life in the first place – like it was my fault!

Finally I confided in some mates: Ari and Nadia, who suggested finishing the toxic relationship with Kala and reporting the bank fraud to the police. With their help and support, I was able to finish with Kala, get financial support, rebuild my confidence and my life.