Physical abuse - Jenny's story

When I met Ted everything seemed perfect.

I got pregnant soon after and was so excited to be expecting our first child, I thought he would be too. When I told Ted the happy news, everything changed.

He held me down and shouted at me and when I struggled to get loose, he hit me.

Not long after, Ted locked me in our shed for one whole night without any food.

One day he returned home from work and told me that if I didn’t terminate the pregnancy he would kill me and the child. I decided to run to my friend’s house. But Ted found my packed suitcase and pushed me down the stairs – injuring me badly and worst of all, losing my baby.

When I was in hospital, I decided to tell my story to the nurse. I felt powerless, lost and scared but the nurse helped me plan to leave. She got me details for a domestic abuse charity and, with their help, a refuge space. I was able to access a solicitor via legal aid and get a non-molestation order. Ted can no longer come near me.