Psychological abuse - Marianna's story

I got married at the age of 18 and believed our lives would be perfect.

When my ex-partner got his way, he was wonderful. When he didn’t he would blame me whether it was my fault or not. If I got upset or challenged him, he would say I was weak and didn’t know what I was doing.

I started to find food I thought I had bought disappearing and he would say I was stupid. I would arrive at a pre-booked appointment at the hairdressers and find it was cancelled. I missed school evenings because the dates I was told were incorrect. I thought I was losing my memory or my sanity.

He used to try to exclude me when we attended gatherings, whispering to tell me to leave because I wasn’t welcome. If I got upset he would make it look like I had mental health issues and I was being oversensitive.

He eventually stopped me from seeing my friends and family, telling me that I only needed him in my life and they all thought I was stupid.

I eventually became too afraid to do anything or make any decisions because I knew they’d be wrong and I would be threatened.

As a result of the constant insults from my ex-partner, I lost 3 stone and was diagnosed to a counsellor.

With the support of my counsellor and family law solicitor, I have now got a Non-Molestation Order and Occupation Order against my ex-partner and I have started divorce proceedings.