Sexual abuse - Husna's story

I experienced years of sexual abuse during my long-term relationship with my ex-partner.

After I gave birth, I told him I didn’t feel comfortable having sex as I was in a lot of pain. But he forced me to sleep with him on a daily basis when he arrived home from work, drunk and demanding.

I had no money as my ex-partner controlled all the finances. He told me if I wanted to buy basic essentials I would have to have sex in return. I became to feel worthless.

To make matters worse he attended all my medical appointments so that I would not have a chance to disclose anything. The only time I spent out of the house was a short walk to take my children to school.

At family gatherings, he acted the part of a devoted husband and father.

I eventually fled with the help of the police and a domestic abuse charity. I spent 3 months in a refuge before moving to a rented house. The police prosecuted, my ex pleaded guilty to rape and was sent to prison.

I was not aware that domestic abuse included sexual abuse. I am now a qualified dentist and I volunteer to support other survivors who have been affected by domestic abuse.